So Much To Do.....So Little Time!

Devil's Bridge

Devils Arch - Hike Sedona VacationA very rewarding, not-too-difficult hike.

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Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon Hike SedonaThis hike has everything you could want. Amazing canyon walls, ruins, lush forest. And even though you have to walk past a large resort at the beginning of the hike (The Enchantment Resort) you will quickly forget it was ever there. What's more, you could make a reservation for lunch on your way in and fill up your tummy on the way out. Their food is delicious and the views are great.
Trail information here.

Some of the best hiking you will ever do awaits you in Sedona ...

West Fork Hike SedonaWest Fork Trail

This one you won't forget, especially if you get your feet wet! A day hike, or, keep going and backpack.

Plus ... the added benefit of driving up the scenic Oak Creek Canyon Road to get to the trail head.

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Red Rock Passes must be displayed when parking your car at trail parking areas. Click here for info.

Airplane, Helicopter, and Balloon Rides

Aerial Photography, Sedona. Airplane, Helicopter Balloon RidesImagine the thrill of touring Sedona from the sky. Those Red Rocks take on a whole new dimension when you are looking down at them. It is a fabulous experience.

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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking SedonaSedona is famous for outstanding mountain biking. Within minutes of your front door you will find a great bike shop with everything you will need, whether renting equipment or inquiring about the best trails.

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